Brown Eyed Handsome Man

Brown Eyed Handsome Man

This CD features recordings of famous Chuck Berry tunes reinterpreted by Fontella Bass, Jay Farrar, Bottle Rockets, The Skeletons, and more.

  1. Fontella Bass- "Brown Eyed Handsome Man"
  2. The Bottlerockets- "Come On"
  3. Earl- "Beautiful Delilah" 
  4. Jay Farrar- "Why Should We End This Way"
  5. Rockhouse Ramblers- "Tulane"
  6. Tinhorn- "Club Nitty Gritty"
  7. The Skeletons- "Jaguar & Thunderbird"
  8. Soulard Blues Band- "No Money Down"
  9. Bennie Smith & The Urban Express- "Viva Viva Rock & Roll"
  10. Waterloo- "No Particular Place to Go"
  11. The Gentlemen Callers- "Ramona Say Yes"
  12. The Phonocapters- "Little Queenie"
  13. Gumbohead- "You Never Can Tell"
  14. Highway Matrons- "Sweet Little Sixteen"
  15. Bob Reuter & Palookaville- "Bye Bye Johnny"
  16. The Orbits- "Thirty Days"
  17. Trip Daddys- "Johnny B. Goode"
  18. Magnolia Summer- "Around & Around"

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